Brunch (2017)

After two months of dating his first serious girlfriend, Ethan Lewis discovers something about her personal life that may be a deal breaker. As he anxiously waits for her to show up on what could be their final date, he looks back on their brief relationship.

Men's Room (2018)

In this suspenseful drama set in the 1960s, two high school students are trapped in a school bathroom during a tragedy. One of them discovers he is responsible for the events and is forced to face his past.

Television (2018)

Written by: Jordan Cooper
Directed by: Jordan Cooper, Tara Dombrowski, Jack Bradley, Nicole Kaspryzk
Genre: Body-Horror/Comedy
Starring: Reid Sinclair, E.J. Neri
Synopsis: What happens to you after watching TV for too long?

BottleNeck (2019)

Written and Directed by: Jordan Cooper
Genre: Musical/Comedy-Drama

Varsity (2019)

Written and Directed by: Jordan Cooper
Genre: Dark Comedy/Drama
Starring: Kelly McCready, Adam Weppler
Synopsis: Set in a fictional Ivy League college in Southern Connecticut, Varsity follows two students over the course of a fall and spring semester as they try to live the life of traditional college students despite struggling with depression.