“Brunch” Accepted in to Film Fest 52 April 30th, 2018

            Pathological Films’ short film, “Brunch”, was accepted in to Film Fest 52 in Bethel, Connecticut. The movie is a romantic comedy with a logline of: “After two months of dating his first serious girlfriend, Ethan Lewis discovers something about her personal life that may be a deal breaker. As he anxiously waits for her to show up on what could be their final date, he looks back on their brief relationship.”

            Film Fest 52 hosts a variety of events including panels, Q&As, discussions, receptions, premieres and networking events 52 weeks a year. “Brunch” was accepted in to the comedy short category in their film festival.

            Congratulations to the entire cast and crew of “Brunch” on this accomplishment.   

j a